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Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber 1.5 ATA Value Range Highest Pressure Unit - £8,499 includes everything needed


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Dont be fooled by other companys selling hyperbaric oxygen chambers for up to double our prices and making mass profitoff people often dealing with illness, there is nothing special about their chambers even though you see celebritys they have paid advertising them.


Take your health to the next level with our highest quality and built to last hyperbaric oxygen chamber designed for deep dives at a maximum pressure of 1.5 ATA (7 psi) which is usually what only hard chambers can offer,


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Price includes the chamber, medical grade oxygen concentrator and air compressor and air conditioner/cooler, also one of our engineers will deliver, set up and train you how to use your chamber, this service is free within a 20 miles radius of our office in Cleveleys (Blackpool) outside of of this radius a charge will apply depending on how many miles away we will have to travel


  • 1.5 ATA (7 psi) operating pressure, highest pressure soft chamber unit available in UK 
  • Highest quality 10 LPM certified medical grade oxygen concentrator included which delivers a steady 93 - 95% oxygen compared to standard 21% oxygen that we breath without a concentrator
  • Air Conditioner/cooler for maximum comfort
  • Heavy-duty multi-surface zipper seal
  • Internal pressure gauge so you can easily operate the unit yourself from inside, choosing how deep you wish to dive
  • Chamber can be operated from the outside by a second person or a therapist and can also be operated from the inside so you can dive alone
  • Viewing windows
  • Various types of oxygen masks included
  • Oil free air compressor with filtration included
  • Emergency pressure relief valve inside and outside the chamber
  • Memory foam mattress included to make your dive as comfortable as possible
  • Electronic devices can be used in this chamber so you can chill out and watch a movie on a tablet or play on your phone
  • Choice of Internal or external metal frame so the unit keeps shape when deflated.
  • Manufactured in certified facilities and all chambers are certified with a CE Declaration of Conformity
  • 2 year warranty included for home use - 1 year for clinics


Product dimensions


Chamber: Length: 190cm, Width 70cm


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Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber 1.5 ATA

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