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£27,999 for the smaller model - £33,000 for the larger model


Delivered and installed in person all across UK, EU and Worldwide


Ideal for a clinics and wellness centres.


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FINANCE AVAILABLE (Currently for business customers only)  - We use a external finance company with a application success rate of 90%, contact us to be put in touch for a application,


Take your health to the next level with our highest quality and built to last hyperbaric oxygen chamber designed for dives at a maximum pressure of 2 ATA (14.7 psi),


Price includes the chamber, a all oin one unit (medical grade oxygen concentrator and air compressor, cooler and air purifier, dehumidifier) also one of our engineers will deliver, set up and train you how to use your chamber, this service is free within a 20 miles radius of our office in Cleveleys (Blackpool) outside of of this radius a charge will apply depending on how many miles away we will have to travel


Our hard hyperbaric chambers also include a BIBS mask system so there will ne no CO2 build up inside the chamber, we are the only UK supplier to include this


  • 2 ATA (14.7 psi) operating pressure, 
  • Hard chamber ideal for clinics and wellness centres
  • BIBS mask system
  • Sleek design
  • Sliding door entry for easy access
  • Door Safety System
  • 3 large viewing windows
  • On wheels for easy movement
  • Internal and external control system combines the oxygen concentrator, compressor and humidifier/cooler for easy operation
  • 2 way intercom system designed for a therapist to communicate with their patients
  • Highest quality 10 LPM certified medical grade oxygen concentrator included which delivers a steady 93 - 95% oxygen compared to standard 21% oxygen that we breath without a concentrator
  • Various types of oxygen masks included
  • Oil free air compressor included
  • Dehumidifier/cooler included for that extra comfort
  • Electronic devices can be used in this chamber so you can chill out and watch a movie on a tablet or play on your phone


Product dimensions


Smaller Model Chamber: Length: 230cm, Width 75cm, Weight 235kg

Larger Model Chamber:  Length: 240cm, Width 85cm, Weight 270kg


Hyperbaric Oxygen Hard Chamber Pro - 2 ATA

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